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Tim Rizzo

I've always been interested in the stories that we tell, and in what of ourselves we bring to all that we experience. In my work I like to help others tell their stories, to present their audience with something they can find meaning and value in, something that they can make their own. It's these kind of interactions that give us real satisfaction, and I believe is what motivates us all to seek out and solve each others' mysteries.

I've been writing and shaping stories since I was a child, and it was this background that colored my introduction to Web Design in 1993. Initially self-taught, I have made my way through myriad changes in web design trends, eventually earning a BFA in Communication Design as part of my ongoing education. I'm a husband and father, a singer-songwriter and avid trail runner and I continue to adopt new skillsets and find opportunities to express the things I've learned along the way.